New Video from Tjorven, Marcus and Ronisha

After some time final a new video from Ronisha. This video shows cool tricks and interesting combos. We looking forward to some more of that hopefully soon.

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New edit from Marcus. This time is a support video for Oaks wheels. Marcus shreds his new Asi Berlin Oaks wheels with a King Size Hipster graphic deck. As always enjoy in fullscreen and have fun.

Manual Competition entry from Tjorven. Manual at its finest!!!

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Ronisha – Rainy Day Mini

Another Video German´s can´t see. Use a youtubeproxy like

Ronisha release a new video called “rainy day mini”. What to do better at a raining day then fingerboarding? Right for us fingerboarders probably one of the best ideas. Ronisha put out some amazing tricks with a cool edit. I always love how the videos look.

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Ronisha – carp on a platter

Ronisha is doing a new video behind the curtains 🙂 Really sick tricks going down. Shreding your own camera thats a nice idea. Go and enjoy watching this video !!!

Ronisha – outside clips

Ronisha released here first outdoor fingerboard video in 2012. Looks like she is catching the first sun of the year. She does some really nice tricks on here bikerake and kicker. Hopefully more outdoor videos coming soon !!!

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Ronisha – ready, able

Ronisha hits youtube with a new fingerboard video called “ready, able”. You can really see what she is able to do with her fingerboard in this one. I like the color setting she is using. It gives the whole video a really nice touch. Spinning King Size logo is really cool too. So go watch here new fingerboard video here …

Ronisha – Big spender

Ronisha got a new video out called “big spender”. Great editing and fingerboard tricks in this video. All completed with a great song and the video is done. Go check it out in fullscreen

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