Lukas – “Replication” – Ep.3

Lukas is back with a new part of his “Replication” series. He got Marcus replicate 2 tricks from Sean Malto and Alex Mizurov. Nice to see Lukas and Marcus working together on this one. Check it out here

Lukas – Replication Series

„Replication” is a new project, I started now in 2012.
The idea is simple. I try to replicate skate tricks as good as I can on my fingerboard.
For this, I rebuild the spots out of the videos and try to look the tricks like the originals.
This series shall show, how equal Finger- and Skate-boarding is.
If tricks aren’t named or copied correctly I apologize, but please don’t flame! Haters are noobies 
Otherwise I’m really open for any criticism and I appreciate every single comment.
You would also help me a lot, if you send me any cool skate tricks of pro skaters, I could replicate!
Classics or the newest shit! Every trick is welcome! (in the comments or in a message)
And now have fun!

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