Kylie – Out of doors

Kylie puts out her first outdoor video his year. Like always she is showing off here amazing skills. Mixed with the outdoor feeling and music you can’t really go wrong with this video. If you haven´t subscribe her check out here channel here.

Ronisha – outside clips

Ronisha released here first outdoor fingerboard video in 2012. Looks like she is catching the first sun of the year. She does some really nice tricks on here bikerake and kicker. Hopefully more outdoor videos coming soon !!!

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Marcus – Fingerboarding Outdoor Montage 4

There is a new outdoor video from Marcus. Its filmed by his friend Alexander Röth and release via there skateboard channel “teamddc”. There are some other Fingerboard outdoor Montage parts but this one is the first in 2012. They used the first sunny days to film some amazing lines. This video has it all, nice editing, good tricks and a cool outdoor spots. So go outdoor fingerboarding!!!