Marcus & Stolly & Murad = At the Streets #3

These guys are back with a really great edit from Marcus. They all shredding Marcus park hard. Together they had a great session together and I think you can feel this just watching the video. So relax and have a good time like they do !!!

We welcome Murad to our family

We are proud to present you the new King Size family member Sebastian Gallert aka “Murad”. Fingerboarding is all about fun and a great time. Murad isn´t the best fingerboard but reps fingerboarding to the fullest. Well deserved place in the King Size family for a really funny guy. How cares what tricks you can do if you have a great time doing them !!! Go check it out and have a laugh

Royal Family

So we are proud to present our first members of the Royal Family
We Welcome Raul, Stolly and Alex

Raul Jörgensen

Tobias Stoll aka Stolly

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Alex Tom

We will have a Royal Family section soon. With some pictures and questionnaires

PS: Our onlineshop will be released on 20.08.2011 more infos tomorrow on