Lukas – Uni Schlammschlachten

New video from Lukas apparently filmed at an UNI in germany. Don’t know which but the spot looks more then perfect for fingerboarding. Lukas teamed up with his friends Theyge and Valentin and really shreds this spot. Weather is more then bad but these guys don’t let it kill there moods.

Marcus & Lukas – Sunday Ten Special

Again a new video from Marcus and Lukas. Now they present Marcus Series “Sunday Ten Special”. On this series they make 10 tricks on a certain ramp. For this video they use a “Harrier Transition Curb/Combo” to do there 10 tricks on. Like always these to guys matches really well and pull out some amazing tricks.

Lukas – “Replication” – Ep.3

Lukas is back with a new part of his “Replication” series. He got Marcus replicate 2 tricks from Sean Malto and Alex Mizurov. Nice to see Lukas and Marcus working together on this one. Check it out here

Lukas – Replication Series

„Replication” is a new project, I started now in 2012.
The idea is simple. I try to replicate skate tricks as good as I can on my fingerboard.
For this, I rebuild the spots out of the videos and try to look the tricks like the originals.
This series shall show, how equal Finger- and Skate-boarding is.
If tricks aren’t named or copied correctly I apologize, but please don’t flame! Haters are noobies 
Otherwise I’m really open for any criticism and I appreciate every single comment.
You would also help me a lot, if you send me any cool skate tricks of pro skaters, I could replicate!
Classics or the newest shit! Every trick is welcome! (in the comments or in a message)
And now have fun!

“Replication” – Ep.1

“Replication” – Ep.2