Kylie – freedom+fisheye

Another Video German´s can´t see. Use a youtubeproxy like

Kylie released a new Video called freedom + fisheye. She filmed this video with a borrowed fisheye. The footage looks really nice. Kylie always shows of her amazing talent in letting tricks look so clean. Definitely worth checking out in fullscreen.

Kylie – Bohemian Rhapsody Full Length

Another Video German´s can´t see. Use a youtubeproxy like

Kylie released a new full length video called “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Kylie really shows of her skills in this videos. Like always she got an amazing style that lets hard tricks look so easy. Almost like she dont need any effort to get this tricks down. Go check the videos out in full screen and enjoy.

Klyie – New Park

You can´t see this video from germany. For the germans us a youtubeproxy like

Kylie released a new video with a replica park of Mike´s plaza. She made this park together with her friend Mike (not Mike Schneider). This replica looks really fun can´t wait to see more footage from it. Like always Klyie puts out massive style and some really nice quarter pipe combos. Go check it out in fullscreen !!!

Klyie – another chill mini

Klyie released a new mini video. As always showing her great skills and amazing style. This is just b-footage for a upcoming full length fingerboard video from Kylie. So keep you eyes out for that !!!

Kylie – Out of doors

Kylie puts out her first outdoor video his year. Like always she is showing off here amazing skills. Mixed with the outdoor feeling and music you can’t really go wrong with this video. If you haven´t subscribe her check out here channel here.

Kylie – Kopeika

Kylie released yesterday here new Fingerboard Video “KOPEIKA”. I feel like its on of here best videos yet. A lot of different spots paired with here amazing style always nice to watch. This video is simply sick. Lay back / fullscreen / enjoy !!!

Kylie – gettin technical

Kylie is back with here new video “getting technical” and she ain´t lying. She is know for here crazy clean style and combos. I really enjoy seeing these hurricane grind combos SO CRAZY. The video is in black and white to let you focus on the important things the crazy good rail combos !!!

Kylie – awesome

Kylie hits youtube with a new “awesome” fingerboard video. This time she pulls some amazing combos on a manny pad. Crazy manuals and combos making this fingerboard video just sick.

Kylie – fingerboarding

New Video from Kylie with some really stylish and nice fingerboard tricks. Like always Kylie shows that she really have some great fingerboard tricks in her repertory. Its a long video with a lot of different fingerboard tricks. Go and watch if you want to see some tricks in perfection