King Size Vone Sticker

We made some prototypes of sticker for our wheels. These are stamped out sticker that matches our wheels. You can see what sticker we made them from. We really like how they look and I don’t want to deny you a first look too.

next 5 people that order a set of Vone´s will get these to try out!!!

New Tape

The new 1mm Soft Tape is online now. With our old tape we were not total satisfied. So we searched and found a new tape. Its way smoother and feels really soft. Although we like “tape jobs” and thought its time to come up with something new. So we made a nice crown cut out tape which is available too. Go cheek it out


New Washers

Now all V one wheels are shipped with special washers. So you won’t have a problem to use them on any trucks. These are made in the same size then the axel. They won’t wobble around and hold you wheels perfectly. Check out the pictures of the new washers.


King Size Fingerboard “Pool Deck”

The new Pool Decks are out now.
If you want to shred your Pipe this is the right fingerboard for you. Pure cruiser feeling for your fingers. Each fingerboard is handcrafted and made of 4 Plys Maplewood. All Pool Decks are hand marked and then sanded to perfection.