New Video from Tjorven, Marcus and Ronisha

After some time final a new video from Ronisha. This video shows cool tricks and interesting combos. We looking forward to some more of that hopefully soon.

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New edit from Marcus. This time is a support video for Oaks wheels. Marcus shreds his new Asi Berlin Oaks wheels with a King Size Hipster graphic deck. As always enjoy in fullscreen and have fun.

Manual Competition entry from Tjorven. Manual at its finest!!!

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Kylie – freedom+fisheye

Another Video German´s can´t see. Use a youtubeproxy like

Kylie released a new Video called freedom + fisheye. She filmed this video with a borrowed fisheye. The footage looks really nice. Kylie always shows of her amazing talent in letting tricks look so clean. Definitely worth checking out in fullscreen.

Marcus – Build a Spot Vol.11

Marcus is back with a new video from his most famous series “Build a Spot”. Its the 11th version of this series and he got some friends to support him. Stolly got a part in the video that is really nice and Bunte help them guys filming everything. This time they build a hole plaza and it looks amazing. One of the best build spots Marcus got in his series. We don´t have a mention that these guys put out some amazing tricks and combos. Although the edit is really nice and color settings look perfect. Go check it out fullscreen and enjoy!!!

Ronisha – Rainy Day Mini

Another Video German´s can´t see. Use a youtubeproxy like

Ronisha release a new video called “rainy day mini”. What to do better at a raining day then fingerboarding? Right for us fingerboarders probably one of the best ideas. Ronisha put out some amazing tricks with a cool edit. I always love how the videos look.

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Marcus – Summertime Sadness

Marcus released a new video dedicated to the end of this summer. A great edit with some amazing music from lana del ray. A lot of really nice tricks going down here. Together with the great edit this video is one of my favorite video ever from Marcus. I really like how he used some cuts from the music video. Go enjoy and fullscreen it !!!

Marcus – Asi no.7 The Weekend

Marcus released this footage for the Asi No.7 weekend. This video is just amazing. Alot of nice tricks, cool people and amazing spots. Together with this great edit and music it makes the video perfect. For me one of the best video´s Marcus ever released. We all had a great time in Berlin and really enjoyed the Asi this year. Everyone that couldn´t be there or was there check this video in fullscreen and enjoy !!!

Kylie – Bohemian Rhapsody Full Length

Another Video German´s can´t see. Use a youtubeproxy like

Kylie released a new full length video called “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Kylie really shows of her skills in this videos. Like always she got an amazing style that lets hard tricks look so easy. Almost like she dont need any effort to get this tricks down. Go check the videos out in full screen and enjoy.

Marcus – Go Outside

Marcus released a new fingerboard outdoor video. Always nice to see some outdoor footage. Marcus just put some random stuff together to create some spots. So sit back and enjoy some outdoor feeling !!!

Marcus – HELLO, my name is …

Marcus released a new Video called “Hello, my name is…” Its filmed mostly on the new Brr Bikerack which looks really nice. Check out the deck he is using. Want to get a Hipster deck too? Go check them out under