Marcus – Build a Spot Vol.11

Marcus is back with a new video from his most famous series “Build a Spot”. Its the 11th version of this series and he got some friends to support him. Stolly got a part in the video that is really nice and Bunte help them guys filming everything. This time they build a hole plaza and it looks amazing. One of the best build spots Marcus got in his series. We don´t have a mention that these guys put out some amazing tricks and combos. Although the edit is really nice and color settings look perfect. Go check it out fullscreen and enjoy!!!

Marcus – build a spot vol.10

Marcus released a new video of his famous series “build a spot”. This time specially dedicated to all this supporters, subscribers and viewers. He builds a really nice outdoor park for this 10th build a spot video. Looks like the birth of the first TCC secret spot??? Like always you see alot of nice tricks, crazy editing and some cool music in this video. Thanks to Marcus for all his support over the last years and hopefully for a lot of new video this year 🙂 So go watch and have fun !!!

Although his video “build a spot 5” got almost got 40000 views. Help him reach that and watch this video too

Marcus – Build a Spot Vol.9

Marcus is back with his well known series “Build a Spot”. He made himself a little street replica to shred on. Video starts with some car driving around and Marcus setting everything up. Like always some great tricks, nice Spot and good editing. So go and watch his new video and sub if you no already have. Go fingerboarding!!!

Marcus – Creativity #3 – “BUILD A SPOT”

Creativity #3…..the theme of the #3 edition is “Build A Spot”….
supported from Fingerboardtv,King Size,Unitefingerboarding,Bondage and Brr Store Berlin
I would thanks all riders for the work and creative ideas…..such good parts….
also thx to you….the viewers,subs and fingerboard lovers…..
enjoy the big montage,subcribe and MERRY CHRISTMAS

Songs: 1. BOY-little Numbers 2. Blackbird Blackbird- Fade to White 3. Umse- Liebe & gefühl

1.David Fiene & Oscar Roth ( )
2. Nina Pischke ( )
3. Max Bube ( )
4. Marcus Weiß ( )
5. Vik Flegler & Nico Hofer ( )
6. Danny Friedrich ( )
7. Hannes Haynitzsch ( )
8. Ramon Angelow – filmed by Harald Schön ( )
9. Jan Durst ( )
10. Paul Lackner ( )
11. Greg Hermann ( )
12. Bene Müller ( )
13. Tobias Stoll ( )
14. Joel Szlema ( )
15. Martin Beckmann ( )
16. Philipp Reinhard ( )

Marcus – build a spot Vol.5

build a spot vol.5-a “special”… was the first time that i build a concrete spot…..i know he ist really rough and not so clean…..but he makes manny fun and its hard to make a really good tricks… FBTV,unitefingerboarding and king size……enjoy the video and subscribe……thx to all watchers and subs…..enjoy fingerboarding its fun
THX Bunte for filming…