Lukas – front yard gangster

The 2 pretty flackos Lukas and Valentin released a new video called “front yard gangster”. You get some hard music mixed with some pretty hard tricks. Amazing edit with stunning slowmos, crazy combos and some clean fingerboarding. These to guys let it look so easy. Big probs to Valentin for this sick edit. Worth fullscreen? For sure ENJOY!!!
For more amazing videos of these 2 guys check out there youtube channels

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Lukas – Leftover

New Video from Lukas shredding his Queen King Size fingerboard. Amazing tricks and combos mixed with some chilled music. Lukas makes them look so easy and clean. You like his fingerboard? Check out the giveaway on Fingerboarding Magazine to have the chance to win this amazing fingerboard.

Marcus – Streets of … with Jan Durst

Marcus release a new video with Jan Durst shredding the streets. Amazing outdoor shots of a really beautiful autumn day. We always love to see outdoor footage. Great fingerboard experience with amazing tricks, spots and combos. Defeintly fullscreen this and ENJOY!!!

Marcus – Exil.

Marcus released a new video called Exil. You can see him shredding different spots on his park. Always amazing to see what kinda spots Marcus makes with his ramps. Mixed with amazing tricks and great combos this video has all a good fingerboard video needs. ENJOY!!!

Big Sale

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