Marcus – Oak Barrier

Marcus released a new video shredding his Oak Barrier. Its looks like a really nice and realistic object to fingerboard on. As always Marcus pulls of some amazing tricks mixed with the mucho feeling. Go and check out Oak Wheels online shop. We support company that put love and effort in there products.

Team Montage – King Size “Just Beer”

Today is the release of our first Team Rider Pro Graphic Series called “Just Beer”. To celebrate the release our Team filmed a montage together. You can Marcus, Lukas and Toni shredding there new decks. Each one filmed a part with there new Pro model. I love seeing the whole team come together and make such a great montage. Amazing tricks, great edit and cool music makes this video worth watching again and again.

Valentin Leiber – SINK OUTSIDE THE BOX

This is a new video from Valentin called “Sink outside of the box”. You will see Lukas Biesel, Theyge Nenz, Onkel Urban and Valentin Leiber shredding all the sinks they could find. As a fingerboarder shredding a sink is something you can always do. Probably everyone can find some sinks to shred right now. But these guys doing it with a prefect style. Clean amazing tricks and a great edit makes this video worth watching.

i-Punkt Skateland Fingerboard Contest

Here are some pictures and news of the i-Punkt Skateland Fingerboard Contest.


Lukas from our team made the second place against Valentin in a really hard final. With them two although Tjorven and Nikolai battled for the crown. In the end Valentin won against Lukas with this switch flip combos. Here are the final results:

1. Platz Valentin Leiber
2. Platz Lukas Biesel
3. Platz Tjorven Lietze
4. Platz Nicolai Böhrnsen
5. Platz Jan Fröling
6. Platz David Wagner
7. Platz Theyge Nenz
8. Platz Ilias


Thx to everyone that made this great event happing.


Lukas – Bikerack Session

Lukas release a new video shredding his Bikerack. He sets a really chilled vibe mixed with amazing music and great editing. Besides that you get amazing clean tricks and great combos on this Bikerack. You want to see more of from Lukas? Go and check out his Instagram (lukasbiesel_fb) to see more interesting videos and pictures.