Marcus – Creativity #5 – It´s all about Friendship

New Creativity #5 is finally online!!! Montage featuring a lot of Riders celebrating there friendship and love for the same thing “Fingerboarding”.
The riders are Sid Pereira – Arnaud Bonhomme – Francisco Martins – Marcus Weiß – Emma Martinez – Irish Favério – Lukas Biesel – Nikita Malkov – Alexis Ramayo – Axel Wahl – Tobias Stoll – Sharky Luna – Nico Frank – Martin Hluchý – Martin Beckmann – Gleb Savelev – Ricardo Lopes – Mike Schneider – Juraj Danko – Pete Burgin – Alex Christ – Jordi Farnés – Blackriver Store – Toni Gluz


Toni Gluz – Welcome to King Size Fingerboards

We at King Size Fingerboards welcome Toni to our Team. Maybe some of you guys noticed this news via our new site. We really proud that his welcome part finally arrives. A bunch of nice tricks mixed with different spots makes this video a perfect start. We look forward to see more of Toni in the future. Go and subscribe his channel to stay updated. ENJOY!!!

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Marcus – Build a Spot Vol.13

Finally a new “Build a spot” arrived this weekend. With the 13th part of this series Marcus pushed it to the next level. Amazing edit with really smooth lines mixed with a bunch of creative spots. Build a spot video are always worth checking out. Go and Enjoy Fingerboarding.

Lukas – Driving Home For Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Lukas released a video to celebrate this special time of the year. Christmas music with a really cool edit makes this video so great. Enjoy the holidays!!!