Lukas – Fingerboard Trickipedia’s

Lukas release 2 new Trickipedia´s this week. First tricks is the Switch 360 Flip and second the Lazerflip. Both videos are showing a lot of possible combination with these tricks. If you struggle with getting one of these right you will love this trickipedia´s. Keep Fingerboarding and Enjoy!!!

Marcus – Welcome to the Playground #3

Today its Marcus Birthday and we at King Size wish him all the best. We looking forward to more years of Fingerboarding and fun with Marcus. He released a new video called “Welcome to the Playground #3” via the channel of his friend Toni. You get some pretty nice tricks at the Playground. Limit is only you imagination with this park. So check out Marcus and Toni´s channel for some more nice video. Keep fingerboarding and ENJOY!!!

Marcus – Asi No 9

The best comes last Marcus released his video of the Asi No.9. You get a lot of nice footage from the event mixed with some amazing tricks from Macrus and friends. You can catch the vibe of this amazing event with this video. Nothing more to say then fullscreen and ENJOY!!!Keep on