Lukas – Planktoon Contest #3

Lukas release a entry for the Planktoon Contest #3. You have to choose between a few tricks for this contest. Lukas really kills these ticks and puts out amazing combos. Mixed with a great edit a contest entry worth watching. !!! Go Fingerboarding and Enjoy!!!

Lukas – Outdoor 2014

Lukas is back with a pretty cool outdoor video. You get amazing outdoor shots mixed with Lukas great style. He pulls of a lot of really hard tricks and makes them look so easy. On top you get some great Cat shot mixed with a amazing edit. Nothing more to say then !!! Go Fingerboarding and Enjoy!!!

Marcus – Session.

Marcus released a new video of a nice session with this buddy Stolly. You get a lot of nice tricks from both of them. Mixed with a great edit and nice music. Definitely worth checking it in full screen and ENJOY!!!

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