Lukas H. – The Size Of A King

Lukas H. is back with a new video called “The Size Of A King”. We really happy to see him shredding again. He starts this comeback with a really nice video. You get everything you want out of a fingerboard video. Amazing style, creative tricks and selfmade spots. Go check out Lukas channel and subscribe here

Restock and NEW Graphics

New graphics “Buddha & Voodoo” are in store now. Although we restocked on some older Graphics 30-32mm, 1mm Tape, 1mm Crown Tape, Colored Trucks, Chrome Trucks #2, Vone Wheels and Classic Wheels. We are ready for 2014 !!!ENJOY!!!


Marcus – Build a Spot Vol.12

Marcus started this year with a new Build a Spot video. I think that the “Build a Spot” series is one of the Marcus series that really stand for there own. He always puts a lot of creativity into these video. All spots are build only for this video and they look amazing. I am looking forward for 2014 and all the amazing stuff that we will see from our team.

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Kylie released here first video this year. Its shows one of the new graphic decks that will be released SOON. You ask yourself when? Check our Facebook site on Saturday for more infos.
Kerry from unitefingerboarding put this video on his blog and I think he described it really nice. So here is what he though about this video.”Kylie M! Amazing style and tech mastery, she seems to make everything look effortless whilst getting really tech, and throwing some tricks down I’ve never seen before too. Not your average desk footage to say the least, if you’ve somehow never seen one of Kylie’s videos you really should change that right now. And if you have? Well, you know to fullscreen this.”

Sneak Peek Giveaway – Unboxing

Gary the Winner of the Sneak Peek Giveaway finally got his deck and made a unboxing. Gary although puts a lot of work into his youtube channel so go check it out here

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