Marcus – new Videos

Sorry guys for posting stuff late over the last weeks. I was moving to a new apartment. More news and new Team members will be announced soon.

Marcus released 2 new Video last week check them out. As usual Marcus got some nice footage for you waiting…

Footage from a trip to Berlin

At the Streets #4 The Drunk Session

Ronisha – New Videooooo

Ronisha got a new videoooooo its pretty short but look really amazing. Some cool tricks, nice editing and cool style. Really worth checking out in full screen. Go ENJOY !!!

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Marcus – New Theory

Marcus released a new video with some outdoor footage. Maybe the last one for this year? Outdoor video always looking amazing and this one is really nice. Go check it out in Full screen and enjoy…

Ronisha & Kylie – tripletage

It´s Montage Time at King Size Fingerboards. This time its Ronisha, Kylie and ftrfb. Its just nice to see people fingerboarding together and making a great video. I think I dont have to say anymore that they have some amazing skills and doing crazy tricks. The montage looks really nice. Looks like the fist footage from Ronisha in her Dorm Room? We all wish you the best for your collage time !!!

Kylie – Take a Walk

Another Video German´s can´t see. Use a youtubeproxy like

It´s Montage time at King Size Fingerboards!!!Kylie released a montage together with Tim Hurley and Whiteninja. As always its full of amazing clean tricks and some really creative stuff too. They just showing off that they are really talented. Always nice to see people unite to do a great montage. Go check out this video in fullscreen.

Marcus – King of the Forum 2012

Marcus, Stolly and Johann released there Part of the King of Forum 2012 from
King of the Forum is a competition that runs ever year. Its about finishing tasks and you get points for every task you finished. There are some really funny stuff going down in this video. Crazy tricks, fingerboard throw competition, a rap part from Marcus. What more can you want? Check this video in full screen and enjoy !!!