Marcus – Streetbench Check Out

Marcus release a new Video dedicated to the Brr Street Bench. This obstacle is know in skateboarding for years and finally found its way into fingerboarding. I feel like the street bench looks amazing and Marcus told me that you can shreed them really nice. Probably this one will find a way into my home soon too.

Kylie – freedom+fisheye

Another Video German´s can´t see. Use a youtubeproxy like

Kylie released a new Video called freedom + fisheye. She filmed this video with a borrowed fisheye. The footage looks really nice. Kylie always shows of her amazing talent in letting tricks look so clean. Definitely worth checking out in fullscreen.

Marcus – Manu Oberle & Friends

Marcus released some footage of a local fingerboard event in Bad Langensalza. Looks like a really chilled contest that everyone enjoyed. Always nice to see new Events for fingerboarders coming up.

Tryouts 2012

You want to join the King Size Fingerboard Team???

Send us a video shortly introducing yourself. We accapt tryouts from all over the world. The tricky part is that we want you to make a video with a “King” inside. How you use the King is up to you. Be creativ and surprise us. Your video should not be longer then 3-4 minutes.

Check out the Flyer for all infos…

Marcus – Build a Spot Vol.11

Marcus is back with a new video from his most famous series “Build a Spot”. Its the 11th version of this series and he got some friends to support him. Stolly got a part in the video that is really nice and Bunte help them guys filming everything. This time they build a hole plaza and it looks amazing. One of the best build spots Marcus got in his series. We don´t have a mention that these guys put out some amazing tricks and combos. Although the edit is really nice and color settings look perfect. Go check it out fullscreen and enjoy!!!

Ronisha – Rainy Day Mini

Another Video German´s can´t see. Use a youtubeproxy like

Ronisha release a new video called “rainy day mini”. What to do better at a raining day then fingerboarding? Right for us fingerboarders probably one of the best ideas. Ronisha put out some amazing tricks with a cool edit. I always love how the videos look.

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Marcus – Summertime Sadness

Marcus released a new video dedicated to the end of this summer. A great edit with some amazing music from lana del ray. A lot of really nice tricks going down here. Together with the great edit this video is one of my favorite video ever from Marcus. I really like how he used some cuts from the music video. Go enjoy and fullscreen it !!!