Vone review from Sid

Sid got some new products from us and did a review on the new Vone Wheels. You probably know Sid´s videos and if you dont go subscribe his channel here

Marcus – Asi no.7 The Weekend

Marcus released this footage for the Asi No.7 weekend. This video is just amazing. Alot of nice tricks, cool people and amazing spots. Together with this great edit and music it makes the video perfect. For me one of the best video´s Marcus ever released. We all had a great time in Berlin and really enjoyed the Asi this year. Everyone that couldn´t be there or was there check this video in fullscreen and enjoy !!!

Marcus – Shit Hessen #3

Marcus video from the Shit Hessen #3 is online. Event videos are always the most fun video to see. A lot of fingerboarding, different spots, different people and just an amazing feeling. Enjoy !!!

Kylie – Bohemian Rhapsody Full Length

Another Video German´s can´t see. Use a youtubeproxy like hidemyass.com

Kylie released a new full length video called “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Kylie really shows of her skills in this videos. Like always she got an amazing style that lets hard tricks look so easy. Almost like she dont need any effort to get this tricks down. Go check the videos out in full screen and enjoy.

Ronisha – Call me again

Another Video German´s can´t see. Use a youtubeproxy like hidemyass.com

Ronisha released a new video called “call me back”. Some really nice outdoor shots and tricks. Always nice to see some outdoor footage from Ronisha. We at King Size fingerboards love outdoor fingerboarding. So go and shread your street today !!! and enjoy !!!

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Klyie – New Park

You can´t see this video from germany. For the germans us a youtubeproxy like hidemyass.com

Kylie released a new video with a replica park of Mike´s plaza. She made this park together with her friend Mike (not Mike Schneider). This replica looks really fun can´t wait to see more footage from it. Like always Klyie puts out massive style and some really nice quarter pipe combos. Go check it out in fullscreen !!!