Marcus – Go Outside

Marcus released a new fingerboard outdoor video. Always nice to see some outdoor footage. Marcus just put some random stuff together to create some spots. So sit back and enjoy some outdoor feeling !!!

Marcus – HELLO, my name is …

Marcus released a new Video called “Hello, my name is…” Its filmed mostly on the new Brr Bikerack which looks really nice. Check out the deck he is using. Want to get a Hipster deck too? Go check them out under

Marcus – KS X 32mm

Here is another Promo Video for the new decks. This time from Macrus and the shreds a Hipster 32mm deck. Check it out and enjoy !!!

Klyie – another chill mini

Klyie released a new mini video. As always showing her great skills and amazing style. This is just b-footage for a upcoming full length fingerboard video from Kylie. So keep you eyes out for that !!!

Marcus – Fingerskate & Create 2012

Marcus released a new black and white video called “Fingerskate & Create 2012”. Inspired by Taylor´s video from DVS´s skate and create 2009. He created a park only using random wood. The park looks sick and Marcus pulls out a lot of amazing tricks. Again a really nice edit from Marcus that makes hunger for more ^^

Ronisha – carp on a platter

Ronisha is doing a new video behind the curtains 🙂 Really sick tricks going down. Shreding your own camera thats a nice idea. Go and enjoy watching this video !!!