Kylie – gettin technical

Kylie is back with here new video “getting technical” and she ain´t lying. She is know for here crazy clean style and combos. I really enjoy seeing these hurricane grind combos SO CRAZY. The video is in black and white to let you focus on the important things the crazy good rail combos !!!

Kylie – awesome

Kylie hits youtube with a new “awesome” fingerboard video. This time she pulls some amazing combos on a manny pad. Crazy manuals and combos making this fingerboard video just sick.

Marcus – Fuck Off Wide Bench

Marcus is back with a new support fingerboard video. This time its for a german company called “Fuck Off”. Marcus shreds the wide bench from fuck off hard. A lot of nice ticks and interesting editing in this fingerboard video. The music sets the perfect vibe.

Ronisha – outside clips

Ronisha released here first outdoor fingerboard video in 2012. Looks like she is catching the first sun of the year. She does some really nice tricks on here bikerake and kicker. Hopefully more outdoor videos coming soon !!!

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Marcus – ♥ Oak Wheels ♥

New video from Marcus this time with his new Oak Wheels. Nice effects and crazy fingerboard tricks in this one. ALthough you can get a sneak peak at an other new graphic. So keep your eyes out they will come out pretty soon …

Marcus – Short Profile Tom Krtschil

Marcus released a new short profile. This time with his friend Tom Krtschil. Summer is slowly starting in germany and these guys used the first sun for some outdoor fingerboarding. Go support Tom and check out his youtube channel here

Marcus – Hold your Hand

New Fingerboard Video from Marcus called “Hold your Hand”. This time with one of his best buddys Chrissy. Just a cool session with some friends that all you need for a sick video. Check it out here and go fingerboarding !!!