Marcus – Oak Wheels

Some support from Marcus for an other mayor brand called Oak Wheels. These wheels perform great and have the most natural feeling. Check out this new Video like always a great edit with amazing tricks from Marcus.

King Size V one

The new V one bearing wheels are out now!

It’s the first version of a new line of wheels. These wheels are rotated on a lathe for more precision and they don’t have any mold marks. They have high quality bearing that roll very smooth and long. You can use them on all trucks that are available.

How to setup your fingerboard

In this article we show you how to setup your fingerboard. We only use products from our onlineshop to show you this. The main parts of a fingerboard are the deck, trucks, wheels and tape. You have to put all these part together to get your fingerboard rolling. We create a step by step explanation on how to put your setup together.


Step 1:

First we show you how to put your trucks together. Normally trucks are shipped with 8 screws, 6 nuts and bushings. Bushings are soft rings that helps the trucks to move sideways. A packet of bushing includes 4 washers, 2 small and 2 big bushings.


First you have to take you trucks apart like in the picture. After this we can start putting these trucks together. You take the baseplate and put a washer on the kingpin. Then you take a big bushing and put it on the washer. When you did this take the hangar of the trucks and put it on the baseplate. You have to check that baseplate and hangar fits together. After this put a small bushing and then again a washer on the kingpin. Then you just have to screw a nut on the kingpin and the truck is ready. When you did this to both trucks they should look like this. ( if you have any problems understanding which part I mean check the picture above)


Step 2:
Your trucks are ready now. The next step is getting the wheels on the trucks. This is a really easy part. Just take your wheels and the rest of the nuts. Then put a wheel on the axle-pin and adjust the wheels with a nut. Do this 4 times and your trucks should look like this.


Step 3:
Know you have to put the trucks and wheels on your fingerboard. For this you have to use the 8 screws from your trucks. This is a little bit tricky if you doing it the first time. You probably have to take some time for this step. Cause you want the trucks to fit perfectly on your fingerboard. Hold the truck with your thumb and try find the right place for the truck. You can use a light source for help. Just hold your Deck into the light and adjust the trucks holes and deck holes. Then take 4 screws and screw then from the upper side of the deck into the truck. The best way to do this is put on screw in. Then you can adjust the trucks again and screw the other screws in.Do this 2 times and your deck should look like this.


Step 4:
The last step before you can start shredding you fingerboard is get your tape on the fingerboard. For this we use a file you can just take a nail file. Take your tape and remove the back then you can stick your tape onto your fingerboard. Now start filing around the edges of the deck till you can remove the part of the tape you don´t want on your deck.


Step 5:
Your deck is ready now and you can start fingerboarding. Have fun with it and keep shredding your deck. Hope we could help you with this step by step explanation. You can get a deck like this here


Ronisha – sorry about this

“I know everyone hates these kind of videos but my usename is really lame lol and i though this new one was a bit clever 😉 zeph on ffi made it up a while ago ill still be uploading stuff on this channel too since i have alot of subs on it untill i get around the same amount on my new channel so stay subbed 🙂

sooo yea check it out

Marcus – Somebody

“First full length video in 2012… I love that song and i must be make a video with this song… so enjoy!”

Lukas – Replication Series

„Replication” is a new project, I started now in 2012.
The idea is simple. I try to replicate skate tricks as good as I can on my fingerboard.
For this, I rebuild the spots out of the videos and try to look the tricks like the originals.
This series shall show, how equal Finger- and Skate-boarding is.
If tricks aren’t named or copied correctly I apologize, but please don’t flame! Haters are noobies 
Otherwise I’m really open for any criticism and I appreciate every single comment.
You would also help me a lot, if you send me any cool skate tricks of pro skaters, I could replicate!
Classics or the newest shit! Every trick is welcome! (in the comments or in a message)
And now have fun!

“Replication” – Ep.1

“Replication” – Ep.2