Marcus – build a spot Vol.5

build a spot vol.5-a “special”… was the first time that i build a concrete spot…..i know he ist really rough and not so clean…..but he makes manny fun and its hard to make a really good tricks… FBTV,unitefingerboarding and king size……enjoy the video and subscribe……thx to all watchers and subs…..enjoy fingerboarding its fun
THX Bunte for filming…

Photo Series – making the wooden plys

We planing a photo series on how our Fingerboards are made. So you can get a inside view on the steps a King Size Fingerboards goes trow in its making.

Today we start with the first steps “making the wooden plys”

First we cut the wood in pieces with a cardboard cutter

Then we color the wood with wood stain for like a day

After this we let the plys dry for 2 days

Next step will be “pressing the fingerboard”