Lukas Biesel


Where are you from:
Eckernförde, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Fingerboarding since:
Summer 2010

YouTube channel/s:

What is your preferred setup?
King Size – Blackriver Trucks 2.0 wide – Substance THC b

What is your favorite trick and combo:
Nollie Treflip, Switch Flip Backtail Switch Bigspin out

Do you have any favorite spots?
Not really, just my Granit-Park

Are you currently getting sponsored?
King Size Fingerboards

What are your other hobbies?
Meeting friends, filming, editing, Training and have fun

What kind of music you like to listen to?
New stuff, Dupstep, and music I like

Any last words you like to say?
I would say thanks to Christian for this awesome sponsoring and to all my friends, who stand behind me!